Interested in finding out more about what we believe and what we have to offer?

We will be happy to let you find out in your own time if it is for you or not. Your local meeting will welcome you and Friends will be happy to answer your questions in person or provide you with leaflets to take away and read at your leisure. There’s no pressure to make a commitment or subscribe to particular beliefs. If you can, arrive before the start of the meeting, when someone will welcome you at the door and you can tell them you are new to Quakers. You will be encouraged to stay and chat afterwards, but you are under no obligation to do so. Do not expect to hear a ‘party line’; everybody will have a slightly different perspective on what Quakerism means to them, but the core principles are encapsulated in our ‘testimonies’ to, Peace, Truth, Equality, Simplicity and Sustainability and provide a common framework for all of us.

As you become more comfortable with a local meeting, you may wish to get involved in activities outside the meeting for worship, which often includes study groups and social gatherings. You are also encouraged to explore more than one meeting and in due course to attend an ‘Area Meeting’, where Friends from all over South Wales gather to worship, conduct business and spend time nurturing the spiritual life of the community.

An important part of the Quaker tradition is our business method. You are welcome to attend business meetings in your local meeting or the South Wales Area Meeting, but you will need to let the clerk of that particular meeting know in advance that you would like to do so (see Local Meetings for contact details).

Quakerism is about embarking on a journey, not reaching a destination and you most definitely do not need to be a saint to take the first step, or any that come after for that matter!

Quaker Faith in Action

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